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Car Repairs

Affordable prices. We service and repair all makes and models, family as well as work vehicles. Log book servicing, air-conditioning, auto electrical, suspensions, brakes and tyres.

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4WD Repairs

4wd repair

Need your 4WD repaired?We repair and service 4WDs, utes and vans. Toyota, Holden, Nissan, Mistsubishi, Ford, Hyundai and more. Call for a quote or to book your vehicle in. We are the 4WD experts.

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Truck Repairs

truck repair

We have the experience and knowledge when it comes to working on trucks.Large or small, we've worked on them all. Qualified diesel mechanics located in Lonsdale, SA.

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Bus Repairs

bus repairs

We have the solution to get your bus or mini-bus back on the road whether it's maintenance, repair or restoration work. Our workshop is custom built for large vehicles.

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Motorhome Repairs


We repair motorhomes, campervan and caravan repairs (suspension, brakes, bearings and chassis only). Did you know we also do bus motorhome conversions (eg. coaster buses).

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Heavy Equipment Repairs

heavy equipment

Forklifts repairs, earth moving equipment repairs, bobcat repairs and maintenance, chipper/mulchers, excavators, loaders, graders, trenchers and cherry picker repairs.

heavy equipment repairs

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Auto services include:


You don't need to have your new vehicle serviced by your dealer to maintain statutory warranty.
We will follow all the procedures recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. We'll stamp your vehicle's logbook after each regular maintenance. This is important when it comes to achieving a higher resale value for your car.

log book servicing


Frequently the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. When the aircon system is not used over the winter, the small “O” ring seals can dry out allowing the gas to leak, sometimes up to 15% over the winter months when it is not being used.

This is why it is sensible to run your air conditioner system occasionally through the winter months. This can be fixed quickly and easily by checking for leaks and then regassing your air conditioner. This is sometimes referred to as a regas for your car. All of our mechanics are fully licensed to carry out repairs and services to all automotive air conditioning systems. For further information click here



Brakes have a major impact on a vehicle's saftey. Whether you have disc or drum brakes we can maximise the stopping power of your braking system.
This may entail:

  • Adjusting the brakes
  • Replacing disc pads or drum pads
  • Regrinding/replacing the rotor or brake drum
  • Replacing the brake fluid
  • Replacing the master or slave cylinders
  • Adjusting the brake pedal or handbrake travel or a combination of the above.

If your steering wheel shakes when the brakes are applied this could be caused by brake shudder, it occurs when the brake rotors become unevenly worn the brake pads contact the high points of the brake rotor this results in a vibration. This vibration can be felt by the driver through the steering wheel.
If the vibration is felt in the steering wheel when the brakes are not applied it could be associated with a tyre imbalance or uneven tyre wear.



Modern vehicles are more fuel efficient due to innovative vehicle design. In days gone by, people were able to fix their own vehicles. Advances in technology require the latest state of the art scanners to assess your vehicles's mechanical / electronic / computer issue to resolve the problem and clear the fault codes.

We have the latest EFI testing equipment. Our team of qualified mechanics at Direct Automotive Repairs are experienced in the various car electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems. We can provide the following fuel injection services including: EFI, electronic, injectors, pump, cap and fuel injection repairs.

engine performance check


From changing light bulbs in your brake light; sealed beam headlight; alternator or starter issue;intermittent electrical or intermittent computer faults with the vehicle going into limp mode - our electrical/computer experience will have you back on the road in no time.



We perform engine reconditioning, replace short and long motors, carry out pressure testing and head servicing.



Manual and automatic transmissions are repaired / replaced at our workshop. We also have experience converting manual transmissions to automatic. Our qualified mechanics also do clutch and transmission linkage repairs and replacements.

Whether it be a a noise in your front or rear diff of a 4wd or the rear diff in a 2wd or the diff / gearbox in a small car we will resolve the problem to your satisfaction. Call us for a quote.

transmission repair


We perform suspension work on all types of vehicles including car, utes, station wagons, vans and 4WD's. Work includes repair and replacement of bushes, coil and leaf springs, shock absorbers, struts, air-bags, and steering issues.



After analysis of your problem we will discuss the fix with you whether it be a new radiator hose, new/radiator core,thermostat, temperature gauge or water pump, your heating cooling issue will be fixed.



We service and install lpg systems from the basic setup to the sophisticated direct injection systems. These installs cover most makes of cars, utes, vans and 4WD's. We can install a seperate LPG filler on your vehicle for convenience in filling the tank with LPG. Alternatively, the LPG filler can be included next to your petrol/diesel inlet.

We also carry out LPG fault finding having experience on various brands of autogas systems including Lovato, Prins, BRC, King and more.

lpg repairs

We are located in Lonsdale, SA

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