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About us -  our mechanics have a vast amount of mechanical knowledge and expertise

Direct Automotive Repairs commenced business 20+ years ago

Our automotive business has expanded from repairing cars, utes, station wagons, vans and 4WDs initially to repairs and maintenance on trucks, buses, motorhomes, campervans and heavy equipment repairs as well.

The early expansion into Trucks and Buses, Motorhomes and Campervans means that our mechanics have a vast amount of mechanical knowledge and expertise. Customers call in not only for servicing and repairs but sometimes special installs ie rear vision camera and GPS tracking system installations.

Some insurance policies require 2 yearly valuations to obtain an agreed value for insurance. Direct Automotive will carry out a vehicle valuation.

We also work on caravan brakes, bearings, suspensions and perform auto electrical repair work.

Pre purchase checks on motorhomes, campervans, trucks, buses, vans, utes and cars are also carried out.

If your vehicle is going to have a major service or rebuild a loan car can be organised.

Around 8 years ago Adelaide Truck and Bus Vehicle Rentals came into being. Various sizes of trucks, buses, vans, utes, and trailers (only with a bus) are available for rental. Direct Automotive Repairs carries out the servicing of the numerous Adelaide Truck and Bus vehicles.

Adelaide Truck and Bus also hire cars to the public as well as crash repair organisations.

Looking into the future - the next 20+ years, Direct Automotive and Adelaide Truck and Bus look forward to serving all your motoring needs.

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We are located in Lonsdale, SA

Direct Automotive Repairs

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